Planting Fruit Trees

Fruit trees can be the pride of an allotment if you look after the properly. However, this is easier said than done – growing a good fruit tree requires care during choosing, planting and growing, especially if you want to get a good crop

The easiest way to grow a fruit tree is to buy a live one in a pot from a garden centre. However, you must check that it has healthy leaves, no mould on the stem/trunk, and looks healthy. Once you get it home, you should water it, then dig a hole slightly deeper than the pot.

Once the hole is fully dug, put some good quality compost/fertiliser in it, and then remove the tree from the pot. Holding the tree carefully, by the trunk or base, place it into the hole. If it is too heavy, get help or hire someone to plant it.

Cover the roots with a small layer of soil, and water well. During hot weather, in the first year, it may need watering every day. I don’t feed fruit trees, so if you want to, you will need to follow the instructions on the packet.

Then, in the first year, if your tree looks weak, cut a few of the small fruits off, but leave the rest to develop. Pick when the fruit can be pulled of easily (or as per the plant label). Remember that you can always train the tree by cutting unwanted branches off.

Sometimes, fruits may fall off the tree in strong winds, or if they are left on the tree for too long. If they do, lift them up as soon as possible so that they do not rot and spread disease.


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