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Growing Basil

Basil is one of the most popular herbs, and is often used for Italian style dishes, such as pasta al forno. It can be grown all year round indoors, which is the way I grow it.

It should be planted in good quality compost on a windowsill, or in a propagator, and the soil kept moist until germination, which normally occurs after 10 to 20 days.

Often, it is over-watered, so make sure that you allow the compost to go slightly dry before watering. As the basil plant grows, move to bigger pots if necessary. In my experience, it is best to plant 5 to 8 plants in a pot, so you end up with a bushy plant, with enough leaves to give you enough seasoning. Make sure you keep the basil in a warm, sunny position, where frost cannot get to it.

In order to ensure that your basil continues growing, you should pick it regularly, so fresh leaves grow. Always try to remove leaves that are damaged or rotting, as they may cause the plant to become diseased.

Have you tried to grow basil? How have you got on? Feel free to share your experiences below