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Tomatoes can be planted indoors in February, or up to May, but it is dependant on variety – check the pack for information. In hot climates, you may be able to plant them outdoors. During early summer, you can often buy established plants from garden centres. However you choose to start growing them, you need to ensure that you care for the plant correctly.

Tomatoes should be grown in well drained, good quality soil, in a sunny position so that the fruits ripen by the time the weather is cold. Some people grow them in large pots so that they can be moved if there is a weather problem. However, I do not recommend this as the pots are often very heavy and difficult to lift.

If you do believe that bad weather may be a problem, get a cloche to put over them, but do not leave it there all year, or they will get too hot. Make sure that, during hot weather, you water the tomatoes regularly so that the soil does not become too dry. You will need to water more often if the plants are in pots. If the soil becomes too damp, wait for it to dry before watering.