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Peppers are one of my favourite crops, as the results can be so varied, making them exiting to grow, and in my opinion, they are also wonderful to eat. However, they can be hard to grow, requiring warm temperatures, care, and attention.

Peppers are best grown indoors or in a greenhouse, but need to be in a sunny position, for example on a windowsill. They can be planted in the ground, but this will show you how to plant them in pots, as is more common in cool climates like the UK.

Firstly, you should sow the seeds in warm, soil from late January to  May, and keep them at roughly room temperature. When they have germinated, and can be handled, transfer them to small pots, and then gradually to larger pots.

They should be kept well watered, and warm, and should be regularly checked for weeds. If moss begins to grow on the soil surface, it seems likely that your plants are being over-watered. Harvest when the fruits are fully ready, and are the colour expected.