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Dig up the Weeds

A necessary job on an allotment is to remove weeds.
Weeds should be dug up with a spade or shovel, ensuring no roots remain in the soil, or they may grow back. Make sure what you are digging up is a weed, and not a plant you planted there and then forgot about. If you are unsure, leave it to germinate until you can tell.

During cold weather you may have to struggle to remove weeds from frozen soil, so wait until it is warmer and the soil thaws.
Perennial weeds are one of the biggest problems on an allotment, as if they are not properly removed, they can grow back every year. This is why raised beds are useful, as their soil can be replaced, and weeds are easier to remove due to the flat sides which mean that no weeds can remain in cracks after weeding.
Annual weeds are less of a problem, as, so long as they do not drop seeds, they will not grow back. You simply need to remove these from the ground, and they shouldn’t grow back. If they do drop seeds, you can wait until they germinate and remove them, or skip off a small layer of soil from the plot, although this is wasteful.
Have you had issues with weeds on your allotment? Feel free to post your experiences below?