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Coping With Windy Weather

Often, you may be caring for your plants perfectly, but then find them all destroyed by strong winds. Don’t panic, you can normally salvage them by carefully lifting them up and giving them a gentle support , but how should you stop this happening again?

The best way to eliminate the possibility of the plants falling over is to make sure that your allotment or garden is sheltered. This is often the case in urban areas, but sometimes, you may need to use trees or fruit trees to help to shelter the plot. However, you should make sure that your trees do not stop the sun or rain from reaching the plants, or they will die regardless of the wind.

You can also help to protect plants from strong winds by tying them to bamboo canes. These will help tall and climbing plants by giving them more support, but make sure the canes are stable, and that no-one can injure themselves on them. Also, you need to check that the plant tie is not so tight that it cuts into the stem of the plant, which will kill or weaken it. Do this periodically as the plants will grow.

How do you cope with windy weather? Feel free to comment below.